The Beginning


Wish me luck. I have decided to start a blog of my adventures in life. There will be a lot of letterboxing stuff on here, along with some other stuff. It will be interesting to see if I can keep it up. I tend to get sidetracked.

I guess I should start by telling something about me. I am retired, I have three daughters, Five Grand children, three dogs, two cats, two parakeets, a parrot(blue fronted amazon) eleven chickens and a turkey named Harriett. I like photography, hiking and letterboxing. I prefer the outside to the in.

I like moths, butterflies ,caterpillars, and most bugs (except spiders). I also am a fan of lizards and snakes. My husband (Backwoods Bert) and I are involved in a snake breeding project right now. We have 5 breeding ball pythons, four babies, and five eggs in the incubator.

I don’t like to discuss politics or many other issues.  I love to see people respect each other and get along. I hate, hate. I love my family.

That’s me.

Have a good one!!!


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