John Michael

A week ago today I had to make the difficult decision to have my brother removed from life support. He had gone into cardiac arrest a few days before. They worked on him for 30 minutes and brought him back. He had heart damage, a huge hematoma on his brain and was experiencing liver and … More John Michael

Mothers Day 2019

You were a shadow, a vapor, a dream in a child’s heart. An invisible force, not in my life, but responsible for my existence. Years of dancing without and within a relationship that never transpired, left me exhausted. A lifetime of observing, from a distance. Wanting and not wanting something that I could not have, … More Mothers Day 2019

Sgt Guy L Fitch

I have been searching for my Mother’s birth family for many years. The past year has been filled with many new discoveries thanks to DNA. I have found people who are happy to know me and I have found people who do not want to be found. It has been an adventure. A healing journey … More Sgt Guy L Fitch

The Picture

Blessings in life can be huge or very small. I have been blessed many times in my life. I am fortunate. When Mo left for boot camp I was at a loss. I signed up for a couple of groups on FB and searched them every day trying to get a glimpse of her. The … More The Picture

In Memory of Reva

The Picture is old and worn. At first glance you see a precocious child, standing in front of a small pine tree. Nothing really out of the ordinary. She is  probably wearing a nice new coat. That was always a good reason for a picture. She is little, perhaps three, going on four. Her hair … More In Memory of Reva

My Mother Died

    People who truly know me also know the relationship that I have had with my Mother. It has been a long hard road. My Mother had me when she was 18 years old. She had married my father at the age of 17 and I was born a year later. My mother has … More My Mother Died

Say Cheese

I have always enjoyed being behind the camera. Taking pictures of moments, seconds, a lifetime. I have spent hours looking back on photos and reminiscing about time gone by. Smiling, when I remember the laughter, crying as I recall the tears.Little trips back in time to relive days gone by. All of my photographs have … More Say Cheese


To say our family is different from theirs would be an understatement. Many people have dysfunction in their family. It is not an unusual thing.   For years I carried this picture in my Bible. It is a picture of my brother. He was given up for adoption many years ago. I had registered him … More Family