Sgt Guy L Fitch

b24jI have been searching for my Mother’s birth family for many years. The past year has been filled with many new discoveries thanks to DNA. I have found people who are happy to know me and I have found people who do not want to be found. It has been an adventure. A healing journey that has been years in the making. I recently discovered that I had a second cousin who fought in WWII his name was Guy Fitch Jr.
I was contacted by a genealogist for the US Army looking for next of kin. My research helped to locate this young man’s third next of kin. I do not know what will become of this but I believe they may have located remains.
He was a member of the 307th Bomber Group 372nd Bomber squadron. On August 25, 1944 they had completed a successful bombing mission over Wakde Airfield in Papua Indonesia. On the return trip back to base they ran into severe weather which called a lack of vision for all of the B-24’s. There was a mid-air collision and both planes crashed into the sea. Guy was declared MIA. He was 19 years old.
I am researching everything I can find about him. I feel a strong connection to him. He did not have a great childhood and when he passed, he had no siblings and had not had children. I am hoping that they have located him and that he will get the funeral and remembrance that he deserves. I may not have personally known him but he is family. We share DNA. I am proud of him and his sacrifice for our country.

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