The Picture

Monique getting emblem

Blessings in life can be huge or very small. I have been blessed many times in my life. I am fortunate. When Mo left for boot camp I was at a loss. I signed up for a couple of groups on FB and searched them every day trying to get a glimpse of her. The funny thing about Recruits in uniform is that they all look alike. Also, there are a lot of tall Recruits. Weeks went by and I never found her.I was happy for the parents and Grandparents that found their”Waldo” but I was wishing it was me.


When the Crucible came I prayed day and night for our girl. Praying for strength, safety and sheer willpower to get her through this. I was the hardest thing she had ever done. I had a schedule of the things they would be doing and I kept that in front of me for 52 hours. Just sort of knowing what she was doing helped. Saturday morning they hiked 9 miles back to the base. I thought of her tired and worn with that long hike ahead of her. I knew they were going to arrive on base around 7;30am. Then they would receive their Emblem, the eagle, globe and anchor. The moment they receive that, they go from Recruit to Marine.

We had no idea if she had made it or not. Everyone said no news is good news. I had ordered a picture CD from Parris Island Photography. It will be sent out after graduation. They put a couple pictures on their website.

What are the chances that out of hundreds people that they would show Monique the exact moment she became a US Marine. We all need to see her. Her parents, siblings and Grandparents. What a blessing this has been to us. A picture taken at the perfect moment.  Thank you Lord.

We love you so much Mo. You are destined to do great things.

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