Say Cheese

I have always enjoyed being behind the camera. Taking pictures of moments, seconds, a lifetime. I have spent hours looking back on photos and reminiscing about time gone by. Smiling, when I remember the laughter, crying as I recall the tears.Little trips back in time to relive days gone by.

All of my photographs have a common theme. There is always a missing face. It is not only my pictures but also the ones that belong to my mother and even the ones that belong to her parents.

Adoption came into our lives through several generations. People who should have been part of the core of our family , became the blank spots, not only in pictures but in everything. There were blank spots at weddings, funerals, family reunions, and every holiday. Christmas trees with missing gifts, missing laughter and missing memories. Birthdays that should have been shared were celebrated in silence with tears. Celebrated in our hearts, alone. Secret sad occasions.

We have been blessed to have had several reunions, over the years. To hug familiar strangers and get to know them as the people they have become. To hear stories about their childhood , their parents and their siblings. To hear memories that they made with the strangers who took them in as their own. For them it is been equally strange to meet people who look and act like them. To hold their Mother’s hand, to hug their sisters for the first time.

Each reunion has its own special story. God has His own timing for each and every one. Funny the way things happen or don’t. There are still other familiar strangers out there. There are still missing faces in this family of mine. aunt sharon




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