To say our family is different from theirs would be an understatement. Many people have dysfunction in their family. It is not an unusual thing.


For years I carried this picture in my Bible. It is a picture of my brother. He was given up for adoption many years ago. I had registered him at a couple different search sites. For the last few years I would put this picture on face book to see if someone would see it and know where he was. I wondered if he was still alive, where he was, what he was like. I did not think that any of those questions a would ever be answered. img_4612


A couple of months ago My Sister and I talked about doing DNA. I was intrigued about my heritage, because my Mother was adopted. I got on Amazon and ordered a kit. I did not waste any time getting it sent out. It took about four weeks to get the result. I am 43% Irish/ British. There was also some French, German and Scandinavian. There was even a small percentage of African.


I clicked on the button for DNA relatives to see if I had any distant cousins. The first person on the list shared 23% of my DNA and matched 47 segments. According to my DNA he was my half brother. I cannot even put into words the feeling that I had when I read that. I called my sister first, then I sent him a message. He replied right away. His birth name was John Michael Coleman. It was him.img_4863


So now we have our brother. We met him face to face Sunday. It has been stressful and emotional and absolutely wonderful. I wonder why it took so long but I believe GOD is in control and his timing is perfect. We have a lot of years to make up for. I look forward to getting to know him and spending more time with him. I love him. You may ask how I can say I love him so soon. The answer is this, I have always loved him. He is my brother.



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