Geocacher’s and other annoying things.

OK, I really should not knock geocaching. I understand the fun of hiking in the woods and looking for hidden treasure. I also understand the excitement of locating the said treasure. What I do not understand is why when you find a letterbox by accident , why do you steal the stamp?????

I put a note on all my boxes that they are not a geocache, they are a letterbox. If you want to sign the enclosed journal, that would be cool. However when you steal my hand carved stamp and leave me a smiley face sticker, that just makes me mad.img_0902Yea so as you have already guessed, I just had another stamp lifted. The funny thing is I think this stamp was cursed. I carved it three years ago. It was one of my better earlier carves. I decided to use it in my first LTC trade. I worked hard on those cards and sent them off to California never to be seen again. The host confiscated them and that was the end of that. I held on to the stamp for a couple years and then decided to plant it at a remote cemetery. I did get a lot of good feedback and I must say I was pretty proud. Last week I got the dreaded mail on AQ. Your stamp is gone and has been replaced by a smiley face sticker. Stink!!!!!

So later this week I was taking some pictures by where I had planted one of my first boxes. Well don’t you know the multi trunked tree had split apart. My box is buried in pine logs. I am going to have to get back in there and try to locate it. img_0895

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